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Mix and match your fashion look with 40+ items of clothes, shoes, hats and accessories. Business, casual, sports, summer and much more - assemble 1000+ outfits on your own or use 14 ready-made actions for various combinations.

Check pre-made outfits created with actions

Requirements: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017+

Product includes:

  • 1 psd with outfit creator;
  • instructions.txt (with links to video-tutorials);

Important: Patterns and designs used in previews are not included in product.

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Refund Policy

Refund is not carried out:
• if the product is used without meeting the system requirements;
• if the product is used without familiarization with the instructions;
• If the product is purchased without familiarization with the description, the composition, and important notes listed on the product page;
• if the product is used with unlicensed software, which entails incorrect operation of certain product functions;
• if the buyer contacted us more than 14 days after making a purchase;
• in case the buyer has not stated the reason for the need to refund;
• if the buyer cannot download the archive with the product in the standard way (contact us, we will offer another way to download);
• if, as a reason for the refund, the buyer indicates his own obligations regarding the time terms for his client or other "deadlines";

Refund is carried out:
• if you make a double purchase of the same item by mistake;
• if the product is used with meeting the system requirements, but still it’s not possible to achieve the result that is stated in the functions of this product, and after contacting us the problem remains unsolved;
• if you purchased the small product (which is part of another larger product or is part of a bundle) and no later than 2 weeks after the purchase of the product, you purchased the full product or a bundle that includes the product purchased earlier;

How to get refund:
• you need to contact us by email - within 14 days after making a purchase;
• send us the presentation of the reason for the refund in the form of a video recording of the computer desktop, where it is clearly clear what problem you have with our product (you can make video recording in any convenient way for you);
• provide a video where we can see how our files are completely deleted from the computer and from the recycle bin;

You should also understand that, perhaps, we will not be able to refund the full amount to you if payment systems have already withheld a commission for this transaction.

Last updated May 23, 2023

After purchase, you will receive a zip-archive with a link to download the product.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017+
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Outfit Mockup Creator

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